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Zu Chongzhi

Zu Chongzhi (429–500 AD) was a pioneering Chinese mathematician, astronomer, and engineer whose contributions significantly impacted the fields of mathematics and astronomy during the Northern… Read More »Zu Chongzhi

Paul Dirac

Paul Dirac (1902-1984) was an English theoretical physicist pivotal in quantum mechanics. His acclaimed Dirac equation unified quantum mechanics and special relativity, forecasting antimatter. This… Read More »Paul Dirac

Edwin Hubble

Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) was an American astronomer who made groundbreaking contributions to the field of observational cosmology. He is best known for discovering that the… Read More »Edwin Hubble

Niels Bohr

Niels Bohr (1885-1962) was a Danish physicist who made fundamental contributions to our understanding of atomic structure and quantum mechanics. He is best known for… Read More »Niels Bohr

Mario Molina

Mario Molina (1943-2020) was a Mexican-American chemist known for his pioneering work in atmospheric chemistry and environmental science. Born in Mexico City, Molina’s research focused… Read More »Mario Molina